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"Hello World"
Who we are


We're church geeks


onQu is developed and supported by church creative, technical, and pastoral staff with a passion for church ministry.


We run sound, check in kids, update the website, and plan the church picnic. When you talk to us about church we'll get it, and be excited to hear what you're doing.


Our HQ is in beautiful Southern Oregon, and we have friendly faces across the country to help you succeed with onQu.


No Tickets, No Hold Music


All our support is done by text, so you can reach us even in the middle of service when you can't talk. We love building relationships with new churches so reach out and say hello.



Why we are


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide excellent technology that enhances church without getting in the way of ministry.


onQu is church-first software, developed to fill needs in our own churches where existing products didn't exist, or didn't fit.


Over time we ended up with our own comprehensive church software suite, which we're excited to share with you.


What's new? You tell us...


We're constantly adding features to onQu. If you have a need that's not met today by our software, let's chat about what you're doing and wee how we can help.


But enough about us...
30 Day Free Trial

No credit card. No contract. No annoying sales people.


Take onQu for a test drive and see how we can grow your ministry together. Click the button below to create your own onQu space and take a look around. Need help? We're just a text away.


Free Data Import


We'll even help you import your data from your existing database, spreadsheet, or church management system.

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