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Introducing onQu
An integrated suite of tools to increase communication and engagement with church members and teams.


Photo of onQu software running on laptop and mobile phone

onQu Features



Care for your members and teams, track involvement, and send group texts and emails so nobody gets left behind



Manage your church events on a central calendar with room bookings, team scheduling, signups and check-in

Forms & Tickets

Forms & Tickets

Powerful tools to keep track of all contact requests and projects so nothing falls through the cracks

Tithes and Offerings

Tithes and Offerings

Smooth secure online and mobile giving with Apple Pay, Google Pay and cards. We take 0% + $0.00 per gift



Make your website beautiful on all devices with our professional templates and powerful editing tools. The site you're on now was built in onQu Sites

Video Streaming & Storage

Video Streaming & Storage

Stream video between campuses or to an online campus. Know who attended, and then store your content in our infinitely scalable and fully searchable archive.


Create online classes and video courses for bible studies, leader development, and more. Invite people to track their progress and offer help as they work through your course

Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Reduce costs and improve church communication with unlimited voice extensions plus add texting to your existing church number with onQu Messaging

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Build and manage your church app with our easy online tools, and publish as PWA, or to the app stores. Supports live content push in sync with your services.

Inventory and Automation

Inventory & Automation

Keep tabs on your equipment, maintenance events, instruction manuals and checklists. You can even automate features of your AV devices during services

Everything in one Place


See everything that's happening in your church, team, or small group


Screenshot of onQu People
​The Activity Feed
Every interaction with onQu, from signing up for an event to sending a text is logged in a central activity feed which you can search, sort, and even create pretty reports.
Group Text and Email is built right into the activity feed for each person, group, and for your entire church.

Just type your message once, and it's automatically delivered by email, text, and to your church app, however each recipient prefers.
Say "Hi!" to onQu Assistant
No software to learn - Just talk to it.
onQu Assistant is your AI Virtual Assistant to help with church admin
• Look up People in your database
• Message your team members
• Get details on upcoming events
• Find who's registered or checked in
• Make reports and graphs
• Add reminders to onQu Tasks
... and we're adding new abilities all the time

Screenshot of onQu assistant

Nice to meet you...
Welcome to Oregon
Who We Are


onQu is developed by church creative, technical, and pastoral staff, so when you talk to us we'll understand where you're coming from.


US Based Support


Our HQ is in Southern Oregon with friendly folks across the US to help you succeed with our software. All our support is done by texting, so it's easy to get help even when you're in church.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide excellent technology that enhances church without getting in the way of ministry.

Reliability Built In
"We've experienced the chaos at kids check-in when that "other system" goes down, so we built onQu a little differently..."
Dedicated Server Resources
Sharing is good for communion and birthday cake, but when it comes to servers, every church gets its own dedicated resources, so you don't slow down on Sunday morning because some other church got busy.
This also means in the rare event of any problems, they're usually isolated to one church at a time.
Self-Healing Systems


Whenever we diagnose and resolve an issue with our systems we program our monitoring system with tests to identify that issue if it ever recurs, and in many cases, steps to automatically mitigate the issue before it gets a chance to ruin anybody's day.

Data Centre

Redundancy & Backups


We use multiple data centres with many levels of redundancy. We keep (highly encrypted) backups on three continents, including one inside a nuclear bunker, 100 feet below solid bedrock in the Swedish White Mountains. You know, just in case.

Pricing that doesn't change
with your weekly attendance
🎢  Simple Flat Rate Pricing


It costs us the same to serve a church of 5 or of 5000.


It's just a few extra lines in a database  - which we're already hosting. Why should we charge you more every month just because we think you can afford to pay more?

❤️  onQu is $50/month


That wasn't too painful was it?


We want onQu to be affordable to any church, and $50 is something most can afford. It's probably about the same as you're paying for your church's Internet service.

🌱  Church Plants: 11 Months FREE
We love new church plants and want to help you get started!
If your church values align with ours and your launch date is less than 12 months ago (or in the future) just pay your first month at the standard price and the rest of the year is on us.
📨  Usage Charges


Some things cost us a little extra, so we pass on those costs:


Texts: $0.01. Phone minutes: $0.005. Video Archival: $0.01/GB.

onQu Phone System is an extra $25 flat fee when bundled with our software suite, or $35 standalone. Telephony taxes & fees apply.

All The Features
Need help moving in?
Free Data Migration
If you have data in an existing database, church management system or even an excel spreadsheet - we can import it into onQu for you. We have automated tools for many of the more common options, and database geeks on standby for the rest.
If the time ever comes that you want to leave us (we hope we can talk first) we won't hold your data hostage. You can download your data in an industry standard format at any time.

Photo of young lady with moving boxes

But that's enough about us...
30 Day Free Trial

No credit card. No contract. No annoying sales people.


Take onQu for a test drive and see how we can grow your ministry together. Click the button below to create your own onQu space and take a look around. Need help? We're just a text away.


Free Data Import


We'll even help you import your data from your existing database, spreadsheet, or church management system.

Tell us about you...


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