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onQu Pricing
Same fair pricing for all
We don't ask your church size to see what we can get away with charging.
Big or small, you get the same affordable prces... and they're all right here.
onQu Core
All onQu packages start with onQu Core. This includes a basic People database, with text, email, and ticketing tools to help you communicate with, and engage your church and team members.
ALso included is our online and mobile giving solution which we believe is the easiest, most frictionless giving platform available today.
onQu Modules
$19/month each
Customise your installation by adding extra modules to get the features you need. Each module costs $19 per month, so you can tailor your onQu solution to your requirements and only pay for what you use.
You can add and remove modules at any time, and the changes will be reflected in your next monthly bill.

Consumables: We also charge $0.01 per text message sent, and $0.01 per GB per month for archive storage.


Need a little help? (or a lot?)
We've got you covered
Option 1 - Pay as you go support
$5 per 5 minutes of assistance from an onQu Genius. That's usually enough to answer one ticket for you. Use our team as much or as little as you need, and we'll invoice you at the end of the month.
Option 2 - Unlimited support
If you're just getting started or have some big events coming up, you can get unlimited support for just $95 per month. Unlimited plan applies to technical support questions only, and does not include design services.
Payment Options
When you sign up, you'll get the full onQu package with all modules for 30 days, along with training resources to help you explore the tools available. You then decide which modules you want to keep, and we'll charge your credit card monthly. You can add or remove modules at any time and your next bill will reflect the changes.
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