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About onQu
designed by churches 
onQu was designed by church production, creative, and IT teams to serve needs in our own churches. Our mission is to provide excellent technology for churches worldwide at fair prices.

About onQu LLC
onQu LLC is run from Medford, in Southern Oregon, USA.
The onQu heritage started over 10 years ago as a telecoms company, and we now provide a range of creative technology solutions for churches, including text, VoIP, and video for online and multi-site.
Our team is spread across 6000 miles, with support engineers in the UK, North Carolina and Oregon keeping an eye on systems and standing by to help you when you need it.
Reliable Technology
What if it goes down on Sunday?
We've been there working kids check-in when "the other system" went down, and it wasn't pretty. So, we built onQu differently.
onQu is housed in multiple data centres with many tiers of redundancy.  We keep encrypted backups on three different continents so even in a worst case scenario we can spin up your service somewhere else.
Dedicated Server Resources

Every church is assigned dedicated server resources, so your system will never slow down because another church got busy. This also means if a problem arises, it's usually isolated to one church.
Self-Healing Systems
Whenever human intervention is needed to diagnose and fix an issue, we program the steps we took into our self-healing system. If the same scenario ever recurs across our fleet of servers, it can be automatically detected and fixed within seconds.

onQu LLC, 1750 Delta Waters Rd #102-212, Medford, Oregon
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